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SUPER SHOW 4 LIVE IN JAKARTA: NG pics from my handphone camera, the only memories that i have


since i wasn’t good photographer nor good stalker,

since the promoter didn’t allow us to bring our cameras inside (that’s why my pocket camera banned to enter the vanue), even they didn’t allow us to took picture with handphone camera (i took these pictures quietly, i didn’t use splash light so i just got low quality pictures),

but April 29th 2012 is still my greatest time in my life to see my Idol’s concert for the first time,

may you enjoy my pictures guys……..

i’m so sorry if it wasn’t high quality pictures

indeed they teach me how to save my money to get this ticket that i wanted it for so long

here we go……. the Super Show 4 last day April 29th 2012 at MEIS Ancol – Jakarta, Indonesia

this is Leeteuk during You & I

Leeteuk and Siwon during You and I

Donghae is about to jump but exactly he just sit on that guard rail kkkkk

Eunhyuk… it is blur but that’s okay…….

Super Junior boys are about to do first Water Splash…..

second water splash…… (Shindong, Yesung, Sungmin, Siwon, adn Ryeowook)

well….. the show almost END, and they are about to bow to ELF

they have to say goodbye, and walking around the stage…. i could only snapped Sungmin…..